Complete travel guide to Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya can undoubtedly be one of the most incredible places you can visit in the city. So, you can not miss a single moment you spend there, in this place you can literally know everything a little, so you should not miss at all, this complete guide on how to make the most of your incredible vacations if you visit Riviera Maya for your next adventure!

If you are traveling from abroad or from the interior of the country, your flight will inevitably arrive at Cancun International Airport (CUN), where you will be able to acquire an excellent Cancun to Tulum shuttle by eTransfers service to your destination in the city. Hotels in Riviera Maya, cities like Tulum or Playa del Carmen, and wherever you want to go in the Riviera Maya and surrounding places.

You will also be able to visit in their entirety if you decide that rent a car in Cancun is the best option to complement your trip.

Here we will leave you a list of places in the Riviera Maya that you can’t miss (and some more).


Tulum is going to be one of your favorite places in the Riviera Maya because this city is characterized by a rustic beach environment that you will love, no matter if you travel in an eco-tour to meet with nature or if your trip is entirely luxury because Tulum adapts to the tastes and needs of each person who decides that this is one of the places they can visit.

Its main attraction is the archaeological zone of Tulum and the beach paradise, do not miss them.

Akumal and Xcalcel

In these two beaches, you will be able to witness the most beautiful of the Caribbean Sea in its maximum splendor, as the turquoise water and white sand will give you a feeling of peace and serenity. At the same time, you visit each of these natural wonders. In Akumal, one of the most famous attractions is the protection of the turtles. You can visit during the sea turtle nesting season and witness an amazing and incredible spectacle.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the main attractions visited by tourists because inside, it houses an iconic pyramid praised by the whole world as a marvel. Besides this, you can learn here a little more about the Mayan culture and immerse yourself in the deep cenotes in which sacrifices of all kinds were previously performed to revere the Mayan gods and ask them for favors in exchange for their offerings and sacrifices.

You can’t miss the nearby villages and eat in restaurants that sell typical food!


Holbox is not a very well known place for people who visit the Riviera Maya from the outskirts, because it is an attraction currently visited by many local people as well as Bacalar. Another beautiful place near Playa del Carmen and Tulum where you can enjoy the sun, sand, sea and the most beautiful colors you’ve ever seen, the main attraction as we mentioned in this place is the sea, and the wood-based buildings!

Don’t forget that during your visits to these incredible places of the Riviera Maya, you can visit the surroundings, don’t miss anything, and tell everything you experience in a place as incredible as this site is.

Remember to bring sunscreen and personal care products that are eco-friendly because the people here are strictly conservative of the environment, and it is not superfluous, because a paradise like the Riviera Maya needs special care and we can all contribute.

Happy Travels.

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