These tips interest you if you want to travel by bus in Mexico

While traveling by plane is one of the most popular options, that don’t mean it’s the only one. Mexico has an extensive highway system and an excellent travel network through buses. To get the best out of these, here are some tips if you want to travel by bus to your next destination.

Buy in advance

It is common that when we want to travel by bus, we buy bus tickets Mexico the day we leave. While demand is not as high as airplanes, this is still a bad idea. In holiday periods such as Easter or Christmas, it is common for all seats to be sold, ruining your plan. That’s why it’s good to buy tickets in advance to your destination.


Usually, there is a prejudice that the first seats are the most dangerous in the event of an accident. The reality is that these are as safe as the rest. In addition, the first seats give you more space to stretch your legs, better Wi-Fi quality and have better views.

Don’t bring food

This sounds counterproductive, but it’s really good not to bring food if you plan to travel by bus. If you go on a short trip, it is preferable to eat before boarding or when you arrive at your destination. If the trip is long, it is better to eat when the bus stops. It is definitely better than not getting up lazily or getting up to smoke.

Check discounts

It is not common to check their social networks, but many bus lines have them. The best thing is that through these means they publish discounts on trips that you may not find out. It is also common to have discounts on night trips.

If you want to sleep

If your trip is long, it is best to take a bus that leaves at night to wake up in the morning. This way you will be as rested as possible when you arrive at your destination.

Travel in stages

There are times when traveling by bus can be very tired due to the fact that you can spend many hours without moving. One option to remedy that is to travel by sections. Select several intermediate destinations instead of a direct trip. In addition to knowing other sides, you will have the opportunity to rest between each section.

Take entertainment

Finally, if you are going to travel by bus, it is best to take what you have fun with. Sure, trucks put movies, but that’s not enough. Sometimes you don’t want to see them with dubbing or just the genre is not to your liking. Therefore, bring your own music, headphones, books, portable consoles, tablets, etc. What is necessary to make your trip more enjoyable.

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