Caravanning And Camping in Devon

Caravanning And Camping in Devon

With the cost of family holidays abroad on the increase and the current weaker value of the pound, it’s a fact that more families may choose to plan holidays and short breaks in the UK rather than book foreign holidays abroad. Recent figures released by the office of national statistics also support this thinking. Comparing figures from November 2010 to the same period in 2009, fewer UK holidaymakers actually took trips overseas. In addition, as austerity policies and cut-backs start to take effect and we begin to feel the pinch in our pockets, this may serve as a catalyst for a change in our thinking. Ultimately the combined effects may change the spending decisions we make in the UK when planning our Easter and summer holidays. Camping – Growing in Popularity Again

Camping and Caravanning holidays could be a key leisure area to benefit from a boost in interest from the family holiday market in the UK. Historically, this happened during the 1920s and 1930s, when a healthy lifestyle was greatly sought – just like the lifestyle trends we follow today. Also in the 1960s camping became the standard for fun family holidays, saving thrifty families and holiday makers money – soon campsites were more popular than boarding houses, which were previously the normal holiday option for the average family. Camping and Caravanning Offers Greater Freedom Camping is able to offer families more freedom than hotel or guesthouse accommodation, is usually less expensive and considered a wholesome and healthy active family holiday. Most children find the idea of camping exciting and a bit of an adventure. The popularity of camping has certainly grown over the decades and recent figures indicate that 1.2 million (and increasingly more) people now choose camping as their family holiday break in Britain each year. Efforts have been made to increase the popularity of camping in the UK with initiatives such as National Camping and Caravanning Week, which attempts to break the record each year for the amount of people camping at one specific time. The highest figure recorded was on May 24th 2003 when 92,435 people camped simultaneously. Devon is Perfect for Camping and Caravanning So, where’s the best place for camping novices to try if you take weather, scenery, coastal and country options into consideration? With a predominately warmer and dryer climate, lush rolling hills and several areas of outstanding natural beauty – it’s no surprise that Devon in the Southwest of England has always been a popular choice. In turn, this has resulted in a vast range of camping and caravanning sites spread across the county, offering an envious choice of coastal and countryside options.

Camping and caravanning has been popular in the UK for more than 100 years. The first Campers handbook was written in 1908 by Thomas Hiram Holding. He wrote about his own experiences and described the basics of camping to people for the first time. This eventually led to founding what we know as The Camping and Caravanning Club.

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