Cheap Holidays to Mauritius With All Attractive Places

Cheap Holidays to Mauritius With All Attractive Places

Mauritius is a beautiful place that sits in the lap of nature with beaches, blue ocean water all round and waterfalls with splendid greenery worth mentioning. With wonderful water forms, this place is well known for its diverse marine life and people come here to practice and have fun in their favorite water sport on cheap holidays to Mauritius. With its diverse experience it has become a sneak-out spot for honeymoon couples, adventure lovers and even families. There are several tour organizers who offer Mauritius fully fledged tour at very reasonable rates in collaboration with the best hotels in Mauritius. The tour operators will be able to give you best air rates and hotel prices clubbed with sightseeing at affordable pricing so that you may not worry about the expenses while in Mauritius. Here are some must visit places in this serene location and you can check with your tour operators as a check list. There is so much in Mauritius to explore yet there are some locations you cannot miss out.

Europeans rush to the pristine Mauritius beaches making them the most sought out during the winter. The colors of the beaches are splendid enough for photography and most of the time people feel lost in the beauty of the place. Some of the most popular beaches are the Belle Mare beach, Pereybere beach and Blue bay Beach. One must not return back without getting into the heart of Mauritius, Port Louis. It is the capital city hustling with people on the streets. You can see some great colonial architecture and Le Caudan Waterfront. This is the business centre teeming with ethnic products of Mauritius. Then there are bars, pubs and discos for some break off into city life. If you the historical lover, you should probably take a look at the Natural History Museum. Grand Baie is a beach stretch that stands apart from all other beaches. This is more like an activity centre. Because of its wide stretch it was called as the ‘bay without end’. But this has eventually applied to its developments with a multitude of activities like surfing, yachting, fishing, and skiing. The beach side is vast and thus is lined with shops and restaurants. Located between Port Louis and the Grand Baie is Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. This will be a feast to the eye and hearts of tourists with its subtle environment consisting of rare and splendid plant species.

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