Why Visit the Porsche Museum in Germany?

Since 2009, the Porsche museum located in Stuttgart has expertly presented an automotive icon in a unique and stylish way synonymous with this global phenomenon. Based in the heart of Porsche’s home city of Stuttgart in the Zuffenhausen area, it was beautifully designed by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl.

Approximately 80 cars along with a range of associated artefacts can be viewed in a spacious exhibition area. Those that have enjoyed F1 Paddock Club Monaco will be fascinated by learning more about the amazing history of Porsche and getting close to some of the most treasured cars in their back catalogue.

Return visitors will also enjoy the fact that curators rotate and change the exhibits to keep things fresh in this innovative offering in automotive appreciation. Guests can see how classic vehicles are restored by expert mechanics and also speak to trained staff about each presented piece.

Guests taking advantage of amazing experience packages such as Edge Global Events for F1 Paddock Club Monaco will enjoy incorporating this amazing museum into their trip to the German Grand Prix with private access to the circuit and F1 Paddock club at Hockenheim. Hockenheimring is conveniently located within a short distance of the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, so motorsport enthusiasts can incorporate a visit here as part of their unique break.

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This is truly a living auto museum and presents a range of featured events and exhibitions through the year. Highlights include a 12m long multi-touch wall that allows visitors to interact as they choose to follow the history of the car and the Porsche company. This incorporates over 3,000 pictures, technical drawings and marketing materials from the 20th and 21st centuries. There is also the “Porsche in the Mix” feature which gives an immersive sound experience like no other.

Digital Offerings of Porsche Museum

This is truly a modern museum, with a range of digital features to enjoy and interact with. Visitors can enjoy mixed-reality installations and live tours (virtual and physical) along with an app to use to help you navigate through the museum and enjoy even more detail. Further digital offerings include the “Porsche Holographic Digital Tour”, which includes a hologram of Matthias Kulla (a Porsche designer) presenting fascinating detail of the classic features of design by using a real Porsche 911.

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