Fly with More Freedom: Private Jet Ownership & Private Jet Memberships Save Tons of Time  

Freedom from the inconveniences of congested airports and delayed flight schedules has allowed New York jet charter companies to be more innovative, competitive and visionary in giving the best customer service on board and making travel more flexible and budget-friendly for both business and leisure travelers. New york jet charter companies are offering complete travel solutions for corporate and tourist groups through private jet ownership and private jet memberships.

Thanks to this new way of flying, there’s less time involved in booking a flight and more reasons to fly to different cities with just a few minutes of planning. Here’s how the jet ownership and private jet memberships have changed the way travelers visit places across the globe.

Jet Ownership Saves More on Group Travel

If you find yourself frequently flying with your team and scouting new locations to expand your business, then jet ownership is a worthy investment for you. Jet ownership can be shared, which means you co-own an aircraft that is owned and managed by a jet provider. Most jet ownerships let you use the jet as a co-owner for a year and aside from this, you also share the upkeep and operating expenses of the aircraft, so you aren’t burdened with the costs of maintaining one.


Jet Ownership Allows You to Have Consistent Flight Schedules

Traveling more than 25 hours a year costs millions, especially if you’re paying flight fees per person in your group. Aside from this, you’re never really sure if the flight schedules of jet charters in New York will fit with your preferences. However, with jet ownership from New York jet charters, you can fly on a consistent schedule thanks to an automated jet charter scheduling system that accommodates your best schedule so you can travel even on short notice.


Jet Ownership Increases Productivity

20% of executives are more productive on private jets than they are in the office. Jet ownership will certainly increase your productivity because of the highly accessible amenities on board, such as WiFi connectivity, in-flight catering and a huge baggage compartment that you can access anytime throughout your flight.


Several Ways To Acquire Your Own Aircraft

Aside from having a shared aircraft, you can also acquire an aircraft under your name through a direct purchase, a leased aircraft and through a personal loan. This allows you to weigh which option works best for your budget.


Freedom to travel privately comes with a wise investment in owning a private jet that leverages your business and family’s travel needs. Save time by acquiring your own jet or becoming a private jet member through New York Jet Charter.



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