A Travel Guide For Venice

A Travel Guide For Venice

For many Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Venice is perhaps the most special place in Italy. The romance of all channels, hidden paths, ancient colorful residential houses and among the gondolas, give this mystical city a special and unique character. For those readers who want to visit Venice once, there is a small travel guide below with some easy tips included. Where to sleep at
Venice is a relatively expensive city. A lot is focused on tourism and they have adjusted the prices to it. For selecting your accommodation, it could be to consider a accommodation outside the center. This has two benefits. Firstly the prices a bit lower. In addition… The public transportation is considered good and well arranged, so you will not have to experience a lot of discomfort with staying outside the center. On the other hand, it there is also a big advantage of no need to cross all bridges up and down with your trolley. On sites like Booking.com you can select your hotel or visit Hosteldeals when you prefer staying in a hostel.

How to transport yourself
Venice is known for its immense water system of small channels and all those gondela’s on it. So if you really want to experience Venice, than a tour through this water system is a great experience. Please note that these tours are on the pricey side. A trip will cost you E 80 or more and in the evening you will easy pay 15% extra. A transport pass is a must, especially if you are not staying in the center. You can enjoy unlimited use of public transport for a certain period. Besides this, you can also use the ferries that sail to access the surrounding Islands or use the water buses. Often you can ask yourself whether such a pass will be needed, but regarding Venice it will certainly be worth your money. To-do list for Venice
You could easily spend hours of wandering around in this beautiful city. Especially when you have a passion for photography. Almost every place you visit, is worth a picture. The main attractions that you should have seen during your visit to Venice are: Piazza San Marco. This is the main square in Venice. San Marco Basilica. This is the largest church and cathedral of Venice. Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal Besides these high traffic attractions, you could also visit the surrounding islands:

Torcello island. In comparison to other parts of Venice, there seems to be some kind of serene tranquility. When you are here at the island, make sure to also visit the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral. Burano island. This island has super cute houses, which brighten up the canals with their colorful facades.

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