Camping Checklist Tips

For starters, I’ll make three suppositions: first, you have a car; second, your early trips will be two or three days outside at most; and third you have access to a pair of regular homely ustensils. OK, first up, let’s think about the tent. Unless you gain one now forget it. A tent is not indispensable to getting started in camping. What you will necessitate, however, are minimum three protective covers (around six feet by eight feet minimal size). These can be the worst low plastic

One tarp catapulted from the cap of your car across to a couple of trees will be your “new tent” – a stand-up-height cover to keep you safe from the morning dew or terrible atmospheric condition. Surely in several climatic parts, even this may not be necessary. The second cover becomes a ground canvas upon which you’ll put your bed, while the third is a save, but it might be needed to cover cross over your bed, your accessories, or your firewood. The bed itself must be no more than a strip of 2 to 3 inch thick foam as a sleeping bed (placed on the ground canvas), plus a pair of blankets closed down and pinned to create a sleeping bag. Pillows are not mandatory, but if you have a few at your place anyhow, why not spoil yourself a little? Cooking and feeding in the bush can be equally as basic. A primitive kit comprises a frying pan, saucepan, billycan, can opener, plates, mugs and knife/fork/spoon for each person of your group. All of this can be taken from the kitchen at home, but plastic shells stand up better to the rigours of outside life. All of these supplies can be bought second-hand from many stores or markets for under $30. You should certainly create your camping checklist so your camping travel will be enjoyable.

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