Enjoy The Palatial Comforts Of A Luxury Train In India

Enjoy The Palatial Comforts Of A Luxury Train In India

Palaces were a symbol of pride in the royal history of India. When the royalty ruled the Indian kingdoms, these palaces served as the places of pleasure defined by the ultimate royal standards. Staying within them was a norm and a lifestyle for such royals for these plush palaces featured the best of everything under one roof.The relevance of the palaces is still there in the modern world where thousands of tourists turn towards them in order to understand the rich royal culture.

Same is the modern world is still there. Many people keen on marvelling towards the royal roots.In the modern world, the palatial comforts enjoyed by the royals is not a passe, but a reality. With the changing times, many princely palaces are converted into heritage hotels for tourists to enjoy the legendary regal hospitality. They can literally sleep in the heritage infused rooms of a palace. There is more to such a palatial experience in this country. They can travel in a palace too. Finding it weird, but this is a reality, thanks to the concept of luxury trains in India.Based on a concept of personal carriages of Nawabs, Nizams and Rajputs, the luxury trains have redefined the way of luxury travel in the country. In fact, they are the favourite of the high-end travellers who want their India tour to be the best of everything. And these palatial trains prove to be of a right choice for them.Specially converted to suit the demands of the indulgent passengers, the special trains run on a route to royalty. Quite literally, the tourists are taken to the quintessentially royal heritage sites. As simple as that. But wait. There is more to it in terms of experiences. The way through which these luxury passengers travel is as rare and exclusive as the royal heritage of India.The trains are faithfully on a palace-like ambiance, which means the tourists not only get to stay within the palatial private suites, but enjoy being like a king completely. The personal spaces inside these trains are inspired by the royal lifestyle of the kings and feature the intricate blend of ethnic furniture, furnishings and upholstery. Designed to balance the old world charm along with modern requisites, these personal suites here stand out in terms of luxuries and comforts.While the train is in motion, passengers can actually enjoy the passing by colourful sights of India from the window of the cabin. Adding more to it, they can even take in the pleasures of 24 x 7 assistance from attendants. Always available at the service, these active attendants make sure that every wish is followed like a kingly command and fulfilled completely.Eating also becomes a great pleasure aboard such trains. Each train has two special restaurants that enhance the appetite of luxurious eating. Fine dining comes alive within these thematically plush restaurants. Here, everything is handpicked to suit the royal culinary pleasures. The customized cutlery, chef specials, and the plush surroundings, all accentuate the fine dining experience.This indulgent spirit is extended with the inclusion of bar cars and lounge areas within the trains. It’s a norm of luxury train travel to indulge in the selected spirits imported from different parts of the world and enjoy the royal affluence. Keeping this kingly spirit in mind, every luxury train in India has special bar cars where tourists can literally indulge in their senses.Other exclusive palatial lifestyles to be enjoyed aboard these special luxury trains includes gyms and spas. These special services are included to make sure that travellers enjoy the best of pampering with the ancient wellness sciences.The special luxury trains of India are the palaces in motion that recreate the royally infused luxury to befit the modern-day traveller’s needs.

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