Things to do in Tauranga

Tauranga is surrounded by long sandy beaches of the bay of plenty and stunning estuaries. If you are interested in visiting Tauranga then here is the complete list of things to do in Tauranga. EXPLORE TAURANGA provides you an ultimate guide about visitor attractions in Tauranga. From parks, lookouts, waterfalls, reserves, and free attractions you can get complete information of Tauranga here. Here are all you need about attractions in Tauranga details.

Complete list of things to do in Tauranga:

The list things to do in Tauranga visit that no one can miss are:

  • Mt Maunganui hiking trip
  • Mclaren Falls Park visit
  • Checking out the blowholes on Leisure Island
  • Tauranga Art Gallery visit
  • Salt hot water pools experience
  • Surfing at Mt Maunganui
  • Swimming with wild dolphins

Explore Tauranga better:

  • Trip to TE PUKE:

Trip to the kiwifruit capital of New Zealand is a wonderful experience to see the kiwifruit farms and get better knowledge about the kiwifruit industry. In this little town of TE PUKE, there is a lot more to unpack such as waterfalls in the nearby hills, 4 stunning beaches, and a beekeeper park too.

  • Historical village Excursion:

Another must-see destination of Tauranga is its historic village with cobbled streets and old but maintained buildings.

  • FER LAND SPA pools:

A pool surrounded by tall trees and greenery is a wonderful place to relax refresh yourself. These 100% mineral pools provide you a relaxing experience and these are available with camping accommodations.

  • Foodie Crawl:

Tauranga and Mt Maunganui provide you delicious variety of food that includes the best ice-cream of the bay, coffee, and fish and chips.

  • Indoor Climbing:

For adventure sports lover there is an option of indoor Rocktopia. Here you can test your climbing skills.

  • Street Art:

You can see the love for art here on the streets. Tauranga has the most impressive murals spray-painted on to its walls. Wandering in the city and observing these masterpieces is simply the best way to explore the city.

Hope this list will be really helpful to you during the Tauranga visit. Have a wonderful trip.

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