A Pleasant Holiday in Benidorm

A Pleasant Holiday in Benidorm

Things you should know about Benidorm The most striking thing about this attractive holiday destination is that it wasn’t more than a small, simple fishing village until a few decades ago. The Benidorm government believed in its importance as a tourist destination and helped to fund development, so it is now a place dedicated to giving you a fun and relaxing holiday. If you decide to visit Benidorm, prepare to enter a place completely different from the rest of Spain. Imagine that Benidorm occupies second place, after the famous New York, in a count of the number of skyscrapers. Benidorm has even been called “the Manhattan of Spain” and “Beniyork”. The question that now arises is why Benidorm has so many skyscrapers. Well, the investors and the mayor thought that the spectacular view of the sea was its strong point, so they decided to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy it.

The attractions of a unique city The weather is probably the most important attraction of Benidorm. Even in January you will not find temperatures lower than 12 degrees Celsius (54 degress Fahrenheit). The sun, the sea and the delicate sands wait for you to relax and forget about your busy, hectic life. Almost all the beaches in Benidorm have been designated as “blue-flag” as a result of the spectacularly pristine conditions they offer. The list of beaches in Benidorm is long, but try the Playa de Levante or Playa de Poniente beaches because you are sure to love them. The bars and the pubs, as well as the restaurants, offer a very important attraction in Benidorm. They all serve the famous and tasty tapas and they can range from very quiet and peaceful places to the very lively bars where live music and dancing are exactly what attract the visitors. The architecture of the city is very impressive, but don’t think that you will only find concrete in Benidorm, because that is not the case. The streets are decorated with trees and flower beds which emit a very special scent throughout the entire day and offer the shade you need in order to escape from the summer sun. Accommodation is not a problem in ferienhaus costa blanca Benidorm. The number of rooms available is more than adequate and most of the hotels have views which seem to have been taken from paradise. You have in Benidorm all the ingredients for a perfect holiday, so try it!

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