A Trip to Manzanares

A Trip to Manzanares

Spain and its holiday opportunities Every single tourist who visits Spain leaves the country with the feeling and the strong desire to return. Actually, it is not difficult to understand why: Spain is not only one of the most beautiful countries on the European continent, but in the entire world. The beauty comes from within the immense diversity which includes the breathtaking landscapes, the historical sites, the architectural styles and the multitude of customs and traditions. Are you one of those millions of people who want to visit Spain but do not know which region to choose? Well, this might help you: visit Madrid. Madrid is the capital of the country and at the same time, one of the most fascinating cities in Spain. It is world renowned for being a city where the old and the new live together in perfect balance in everything that forms the city. Another big advantage of Madrid is represented by its location: it stands very close to a group of other cities, smaller than Madrid but equally important, to which day trips are absolutely fantastic. For example, after you get tired of the agitation of Madrid and the activity of sightseeing, go on a trip to Manzanares El Real. Manzanares El Real is a very quiet, small city renowned for the buildings dating back to the 15th century.

What to do in Manzanares El Real Those who choose a day trip to Manzanares El Real do it attracted by the idea that they can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. When you get to Manzanares, take into consideration visiting the two castles that once belonged to the Mendoza family. They both date back to the 15th century but they have been recently restored, so they look fantastic. Manzanares El Real also has a series of churches that are worth your attention because they all display beautiful architectural elements. Another big attraction of this charming city is represented by the fact that it is absolutely great for hiking. Spaniards from all the corners of the country choose it for a hiking holiday because the conditions are perfect and the landscapes are breathtaking. If you are wondering how to get to Manzanares El Real from Madrid, just go to Plaza Castilla and get the 724 bus. So Manzanares El Real is very accessible and extremely beautiful. Enjoy it!

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